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How LTL Loads Traditionally Work

LTL shipping aims to make transportation more economical for orders that are too large to be sent by small package (USPS), but not big enough to fill a full truck.

LTL carriers generally utilize van trailers to combine multiple shipments from different companies into one vehicle. They pick up multiple orders from a set geographical area, sharing truck space, then go to a central terminal. There they unload at an inbound dock, then move to an outbound dock where they are reloaded with consolidated shipments which they take out for delivery.

This happens regardless of whether an order is being delivered locally or nationally. As a result, LTL orders are traditionally handled often. This is one of the main downfalls of the mode. Each time a product is moved it runs the risk of breaking or being damaged.

For snack and ingredient producers, over handling is a big concern. Any puncture to packaging could mean contaminated, ruined, and unsellable goods.

Additionally, shipping LTL can make meeting retailer compliance standards very difficult. LTL deliveries are typically only made at the delivery terminal when the product arrives on site – no prescheduled appointments. All too often, by the time the terminal sets an appointment, the receiver is booked beyond the compliance date and the shipper gets a negative mark on their scorecard.

(NOTE – A specialized retail transportation partner can help alleviate the above issue by selecting the right/preferred LTL provider for each and every retailer location.)

Benefits of LTL shipping, include:

  • Generally, less expensive than full truckload

Concerns with LTL shipping, include:

  • Over handling

  • Strict appointments

  • Difficulty with hitting retailer standards

LTL shipping works best for:

  • Orders that are too large for USPS or parcel shipping

  • Orders that are too small to fill a full truckload

  • Longer timelines due to hub-and-spoke model

How Box Truck Direct works

Box Truck Direct receives orders that are loaded on to a truck and then taken directly to the destination. This often includes orders from multiple companies, but doesn’t have to.

When a driver executes a “Box Truck Direct” shipment, they handle (or touch) freight far less often than traditional LTL. They execute on scheduled pickups and move directly to deliveries, removing the middle step of unloading, consolidating, and reloading at a terminal.

Picking up directly at  location and delivering to their customer right away, shippers can reduce loss and damage, expedite shipments, and improve efficiencies. This is particularly beneficial for companies that do on-site consolidation or for those that are held accountable to strict Must Arrive by Dates (MABDs).

Benefits of Box Truck Direct, include:

  • Less handling, reducing risk of cargo damage

  • Generally, faster transit since there is no central terminal

  • Generally, lower prices than LTL or FTL

  • Easier to hit MABDs and retailer appointments

Box Truck Direct works best for:

  • Freight that has a shorter distance to travel

  • Freight with origin and destination locations that are near major lanes and desirable routes

Who's Part of Box Truck Direct?    YOU ARE!!!

Here is how it works: 

As a carrier in our network, you are contracted to take pallets at a specific pricing.  Each individual shipper pays a Minimum for just going to pick up the 1st pallet.  Our minimum is $70 for the first pallet.  The average pallet a LTL shipper moves is 1.5 pallets.  There are volume discounts or breaks as they call it.  You are not obligated to take any freight.  The idea behind this is as follows:


Shipper # 1 - 1 Pallet $70.00

Shipper # 2 - 2 Pallets $105.00                                             

Shipper # 3 - 1 Pallet $70.00

Shipper # 4 - 3 Pallets $140.00

Shipper # 5 - 4 Pallets $275.00


So if you do the math, you have 11 pallets on your truck and you are at $660.00  On the way to shipper # 4, you drop off shipper # 1's pallet.  A new order comes in where you can pick up 2 pallets at shipper # 6 for $105.00.  Now you are at $765.00.  This is the pattern of how this works. Pick up, drop off, pick up, drop off.  The more you communicate with your BTN - assigned dispatcher your current location, the more money you will make.  The idea is to pick and drop multiple times. 


80% of you work is forecasted to be within a 25-50 mile radius.  Keep in mind, if we get requests for freight, our contracted carriers are the only ones that get it. Ideally, if you picked up 1-2 pallet  You will get paid a flat rate per pallet, at published rates. That means that you will know what you get per pallet and so will the customer!  Because this is a new platform, we will be reviewing very frequently to make sure we are competitive and profitable.  We believe with the right planning, drivers should be able to make $1000+ and be home every night.  The traditional LTL world operates Monday - Friday generally. Thanks for working with us.  Who can say no to making $1000+ a day and not leaving your area? (We make no guarantee of any dollar amount, but just offer the opportunity. It is possible for carriers to make good money if their operation is ran correctly.  Carrier's with cross-docking availability  can make much more!

According to our large customers, the idea of using our platform excites them and we are in control of the platform, which means the sky is the limit! 


You will bill the brokers and shippers directly for the service and can get paid quick if you have a factoring company.  If you don't have one, we can help you!


LTL Carriers are making good money!
Why Not You?

This Platform went LIVE on October 19, 2020  


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