Taking Your Business To The Next Level!
Networking.  The Road To Success!
Every week, hundreds of new carriers come onto the scene of transportation.  The Dream of being able to have their business blinds the eyes of entrepreneur of the grim statistics of new companies that fail in the first year of business.  Unlike driver turnover in the trucking industry, there is no turnover rate for motor carrier owner.  You either succeed or fail.  No other choice. If you are reading this and you are the owner of a new MC#, 8 out 10 of you new motor carriers will fail and shut down within the first 12 months of business.  That's an 80% failure rate!  There are no refunds, no recovery for losses, you will either lick your wounds and move or go bankrupt, hopefully not the second option.
Most new motor carriers came into the business being the "Owner" because you wanted to be your own boss, live your dream and make good money. Unfortunately, for most that fail, it was because of the lack or knowledge or research.  There are so many things (sometimes even seemingly little things) that can cause your business to become unstable, weak, and in enter into dire straights.  That is where we come into the picture.
The Box Truck Network has been created to assist small and new companies to become established.  While instructing newcomers to important tips and procedures to avoid business disaster, we also help you grow by utilizing our resources to allow you to grow to become a healthy motor carrier.  Our team of experienced representatives are here to help you become the next successful motor carrier on the market.  You can fully succeed a this, it just takes some guidance.  We are here to help guide you to profitability and strength businesswise.
We have connections, methods, and expertise that can help you start increasing your bottom dollar right away.  Save expenses while increasing revenue, and more importantly, profit share.
With over 100 years of experience combined and over $70 Million of revenue experience, we will be able to help steer you in the right path to growing your business.  Having the right tools at your disposal will create opportunities that exist.  One we can guarantee and know for sure:  We are the only out there that has the strategy to help you go to the next level.  Will you allow us to help you?
From Manufacturing to distribution, you can become more than just a truck and a driver, but a well respected logistics provider who can help you to consistently add revenue to your bottom line.  We will help you in the following areas:
  • Dedicated Daily Dispatcher - We will locate and book freight for you.  You will need to post your status on the board and we will strive to keep you loaded.  We charge 10% for each load we book!
  • Dedicated Carrier Marketing - We will get your company out there as someone we proudly represent and can endorse to our shipper clients.
  • Strategy Planning - We will help you plan for short & long term development using methods of our expertise including cost analysis, platform development, technology innovation, and just plain simple customer service modeling.
  • Our Commitment to You: We will create tremendous growth for your company, allowing you to become established with good quality business, that you will see a growth of 100-150% by month 6 of this program.  We don't just point you to a load board and hope you make relationships, we actually will steer you in the direction of making those relationships.
  • 2 New Quality Shippers Per Month - You will receive a minimum of 2 quality shippers per month.  Theses shippers will require that you grow your fleet, but don't worry, we will have an execution plan before the first shipper comes on board.  With each shipper, comes its own set of requirements.  We will know what they are before you are matched with them.  This is done before our first discussion with them.
  • No Truck Minimums - Whether you have 1 truck or 5 trucks, we will build your business to the level of your expectation.  No business is too small, we look for the size of your dreams and energy to perform to the expectation of your customers.
  • New Business Training and Development Sessions - We know that the more informed you are, the more right decisions you will make.  We all were new to this business at some point of our life. The Box Truck Network's vision is to be the place that new (and existing, of course) carriers will come to develop and nurture business.  Will you be one of them?
The art of networking.  That is what we are all about.  You took a big leap of faith and it takes a lot in this business.  You want to succeed, and we want you to.  However, You are probably finding that it is a lot harder than it looks.  We know. We understand.  That's why we will work very hard to help you to be one of the 20%.  We can do this, together, as a team. Will you let us?
The price for this program is $495.00 (One Time Fee)
Additional Cost: 10% for any load you book with us.  (YOU WILL HAVE A CONTRACT WITH US)
If you are interested in taking the next step, please contact Willona at 309.571.7330 x 1 to discuss taking the next step. 

The Box Truck Network, LLC

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