Box Truck Business Builder - ONLINE




4 Hour

About the Course

This class covers a lot of what people are looking for: How to get into the business as a carrier, how to stay in the business, how to grow your customer base, how to separate yourself from the rest, how to quote and be successful, how to keep your authority in good standing....and more

Below is the list of items that we talk about in the seminar:

Class # 1:

Building Your Business without Depending on Load Boards
Developing Lanes of Transport
The New Way of Communication
Creating Your Company Profile
Writing Out Your Pitch to Customers

Class # 2:

Understanding how the FMCSA rates your CSA Scores
Preventing your driver from ruining your business
Keeping your business current
How to hire drivers who are safe
Reducing risk as a carrier.

Class # 3:

The Quoting Process
Knowing your Costs
The Power of the Liftgate
Helping Stay Afloat in this Environment

Class # 4:

Why stay in the box truck industry
Developing a Network of Carriers
Not Using Load Boards
Connecting with Shippers
Opportunities to Grow Your Business
Facebook VS LinkedIn

Available Class Start Dates:

Monday, May 23, 2022 3-4PM CST

Tuesday, June 6, 2022 3-4PM CST

Tuesday, June 20, 2022 3-4PM CST


Your Instructor

Philip J Nenadov

Phil has led many companies in the transportation industry. He worked for Mueller Industries in their International Division, finding his calling in the freight industry. Started and grew a freight brokerage from $0 to $18MM in 3 years, owned a fleet 6 trucks and started the network after seeing a major disconnect in this segment of the industry. He has trained 100's of people and has had his hands in over $50MM in freight transactions throughout the tenure of his career. He resides with his wife and 3 children in a small town outside of Peoria IL.

Philip J Nenadov