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Press Release - 11.17.22  For Immediate Release 

evLABs is a Utah based electric truck and bus builder which specializes in trucks between 19,500 GVW through 33,000 GVW. These electric trucks include delivery vans, school/transit buses and electric repowers, to fleets throughout the USA.  evLABs and The Box Truck Network have signed a 5-year exclusive agreement to provide both new and repowered electric trucks. These offerings will include the Class 6 electric truck called the “CurrentT” and an electric delivery van called the “Thunderbolt” to The Box Truck Network.  evLABs will also be participating in The Box Truck Network trade show displaying the electric “CurrentT” truck.

“We are very excited to have this relationship with The Box Truck Network,” stated James Lawrence, President, and CEO of evLABs.  The “e” in evLABs stands not just for electric, but also for ergonomic and economic. “This relationship gives us the opportunity to be of service to the 4,000 members of The Box Truck Network with our product offerings.”

With the way the market is headed as far as EV technology, the companies that will greatly benefit from this new alternative will be those who do both local and regional work. “We get contacted by a large number of carriers that do local work, who would benefit greatly from the “CurrentT” and repowers, not just carriers, but also shippers who utilize box trucks for their local deliveries.” said Philip Nenadov, Founder and CEO of The Box Truck Network. “We were looking to represent an EV company to our members as well as future and prospective members.” 

The Box Truck Network is unveiling The Box Truck Convention in March 2023 and plans to show off the new EV product from evLABs. “Having an electric vehicle along with a virtual reality experience of it at the tradeshow will rock the industry!” Nenadov said.

If you are interested in learning more about this new vehicle endorsement, please fill out the contact form below:

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EV Labs Electric Delivery Truck-Battery Skirts FD1.png

evLABs Box Truck the “CurrentT

evLABs Electric Box Truck
Class 6
26,000 GVWR
Non CDL,
33,000 GVWR CDL 

Trucks Specs:


We offer 100-Mile, and 150-Mile Range Option

  • Cab and Chassis, Powertrain

  • 280"WB

  • Drivers, Passenger Seating

  • Electric Motor, Peak Power 335 hp 250 kW

  • Peak Torque 664 lb. ft 900 Nm

  • Front Axel 10K, Rear Axel 16K (26,000GVWR)

  • Front Axel 12K, Rear Axel 21K (33,000GVWR)

  • Hydraulic Brakes

  • Radiator, Electric Fan

  • 12V House Battery

  • Cabin Heating/AC

  • Aluminum Rims- 22.5 x 8.25

  • Six FIRESTONE FS561 295/75R22.5 Tires

  • 6 Speed Automatic Transmission w/PTO Option

  • 302Ah, 656Volt 198KW LFP Battery Pack, Estimated 135 Mile Range

  • Battery Heating, Cooling

  • 220V Level 2 19.2KW On Board Charger

  • 7" LCD Display Screen

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Range of miles per day
In the market to purchase:
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