#1 Customer Driven!
That's right!  We have a national network of over 4,000 independent carriers that are available 24/7 to meet the needs of our customers!  We have real-time tracking and time-definite services to meet the demand of moving expedited freight.
We offer both full truck dedicated services, liftgate services, cross-dock, and warehouse availability.  If you have a need to fill, we have a way to fill it.
If we are not able to find a truck in our network, we will find one out-of-network for you!  We are the true sense of the word NETWORK.
All our drivers are vetted with a complete background check which includes a DOT, MVR, and Criminal background review to ensure that you are working with the best of the best.
Have a special project or ongoing stream of business, we can fulfill your request with capacity.
Here is the best part of this whole platform.  We don't charge you a fee.  $0.00*
Our Expedite Direct Platform for direct delivery is based off our LTL Pallet Program, where we have an APP that will be used to allow the customer to communicate real-time with our member drivers about new and current shipments allowing them to see live orders and accept them in a timely manner.  Drivers will be able to respond accurate status updates, creating an environment of trust between both parties involved.
All of Box Truck Network's Expedited trucks are exclusive use – with no other freight aboard or transfers, so your freight is the only shipment on the truck from pickup to delivery. It is loaded once and driven directly to its destination. Expedited Straight Trucks and Sprinter vans are easier to maneuver than larger trucks in dense urban or high traffic areas. This nimbleness contributes to their overall delivery speed, getting your freight there faster.
If you are looking for non-exclusive units, please reach out to your sales representative to discuss the options that best fit your needs. Give us a try, we believe you will like the experience!
*A small nominal fee may apply to find trucks that are not in our network.
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