Frequently asked questions

What Is The Box Truck Network?

In a nutshell, the Box Truck Network is an association of small to medium size motor carriers that consist primarily of Straight Trucks ad Sprinter Vans. We do have carriers who have cargo vans.

How Long Has The Network Been Around?

The network was formed in 2018 with a Launch in 2019 at an official launch in Atlanta GA. From the humble beginnings of our company, the network has grown both in vision and opportunity, dealing with both victories and trials along the way!

Are You A Broker?

While this is the second most asked question, we believe it is warranted a good response. The Box Truck Network is NOT a broker. We actually partner with brokers and logistics companies as well as direct shippers, manufacturers, and people who ship freight. We do partner with many brokers which include multi-billion companies down to small mom & pop shippers.

What Is The Box Truck LTL Pallet Program?

We do have a platform called the Box Truck LTL Pallet Program, which is offered as an alternative to traditional LTL movements. We believe that we can offer competative rates and better transit times for our customers without compromising service and satisfaction. Only members are allowed to participate in this platform and only members are eligible to apply to be a contract carrier for many of our programs.

Do You Have A Load Board?

This is probably our most frequently asked question. This has indicated to us that there is a large demand for an outlet that will provide freight opportunities for Straight Truck drivers in this particular area of the trucking industry. While we DO NOT have a load board, we do have an APP being launched that will send availble orders to our members.

Do You Charge To Be A Member Of The Box Truck Network?

We a member-based organization and we do charge a annual membership fee that is primarily used to qualify our members. All money paid as a member helps grow our services in the Box Truck Industry. We are a paid membershiip organization that requires participation from our members. We only want members who are serious about their business and are committed to keeping their safety record and service level at the highest standard possible. Our dues are used to perform the following functions: Perform a thorough DOT check, do a criminal background check on the drivers who participate in our organization, and upload and maintain your profile in our system. The fee is yearly as the steps taken when you joined will be retaken at your annual enrollment period.

Do You Offer Any Other Freight Finding Services?

The answer is No. We are primarily focused on providing shippers and brokers access to our members through our Mobile APP that is launching at the 1st of the year. We do have additional resources that are available at an additional cost that can help our members find freight.

Is There A Fee for Finding Members Loads?

We do charge a standard rate of 10% for any load we find for our members. Our members are not obligated to use us to find freight for them, however, we do charge a percentage (%) for freight that we personally bring to your door. While we do not take money off of loads you book through the load board, we do charge for loads brought to you by our dispatchers. Also, we charge 10% for any loads booked through any of our available programs, such as Box Truck LTL Pallet Program.

Does My Safety Score Matter If I Want To Become A Member?

Absolutely! We only want members who can assure our clients that they are safe reliable carriers without the risk of accident or breakdown who will be delivering their freight. As you can see below, having a warning symbol on any of the CSA catagories below is not a good sign of being a safe carrier. (From Left to Right: The catagories are: Unsafe Driving, Hours of Service, Vehicle Maintenance, Drugs/Alcohol, & Driver Fitness.) When we do perform a DOT check, we will let you know if you do not pass our standards. If you do not, your application will be denied and we will not charge you a membership fee. We will discuss options to help fix your DOT score.

How Old Does My MC Number Have To Be To Become A Member?

Your MC (Motor Carrier) number does not have to be a certain age to be part of the Network. We do want you to know that while it is hard to get business as a new carrier, we offer options to you while you are aging your MC. Most shippers would like to see you in business for at least 90-120 days. Some of our Box Truck Direct Platform clients are more lenient to new authorities. Reach out and ask us for more info about how we can help you as a new carrier.

Do I, The Owner, Need To Pass A Criminal Background Check?

The answer is Yes. Because of the nature of our business, we need to review the background of our members, with written approval. If you do not pass, you may appeal via email regardng the denial and why you should be considered. While we do review all of our members background checks with great confidentiality, we will consider each case on appeal. This is separate to drivers being background checked. If you pass the DOT check and not the background check, there is no refunds of the membership application fee. The reason for this is that most carriers are not aware of their DOT scores, but everyone is aware if they have a felony.

Do My Drivers Need To Be Background Checked?

Only if they are part of any contracts or platforms that we offier. Each background check is $25 and is nonrefundable. If a driver is replaced, a background check is required to start working. If the member fails to inform us of the change, the membership may be terminated.

Do You Have Any Sprinter or Cargo Van Programs?

We are currently working on some real big programs for both Sprinter Vans and Cargo Vans. Make sure you check in with us often to see any updates.

Is Box Truck Apps the same as Box Truck Network?

Yes it is. We use Box Truck Apps as a more defined way of describing ourselves as a tech based application placing carriers together with shippers while offering a dynamic platform that is unheard of in the industry.