Got Freight?  We do.

If you are looking for freight for your Straight Truck, Sprinter, or Cargo Van, this is the right network for you.  We have over 10,000 loads monthly from all kinds of shippers, brokers, freight forwarders, government institutions, automakers suppliers and manufacturers of all types of commodities.
When you join the Box Truck Network, we are committed to helping you establish and grow your company.  We have real people working for you to discover and develop the right kind of business relationship to fit your needs. 
We are a growing network with lots of potential for it's members.  If you are look only for a "Load Board" there are plenty of them out there.  If you want a real "network of opportunity" you have come to the right place!
Live Load Board
Our load board is on an ACTIVE TIMER.  Most loads don't stay on the board for over 30 minutes.  Because new loads are added ever minute, we want only the freshest loads to be on top.
Military Loads
Our contracts with Military Freight runs differently than general freight.  While we do post DOD loads from time to time, we generally will search the truck posting board first.  We cannot post military freight to our board unless we have been given the tender.  So if you are a military freight member, you will need to post your location daily on the board
Emergency/Recovery Loads
Emergency or Recovery Load are when a truck broke down with a load on it, or a truck did not show up to the shipper and they need to recover the load.  We work with our shippers and brokers to provide coverage for their loads.  We utilize the truck posting board as well as the load board.
Project or Dedicated Loads
We are always working on project opportunities or dedicated runs.  We know that each type of project has it's own unique set of requirements.  We work daily to get the loads that will be a great fit for our members.  Talk to our team today about your needs!

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