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Available In 62 Metropolitan Markets!  
Our Five Areas of Customer Focus
1. You will receive the best cost savings in the market!  
    By using our fleet of qualified carriers, you are receiving the best savings in the industry.  We place 
    value in extending you the most competitive pricing found in the LTL market today.  In a matter of
    minutes, you can get the actual quote for the cost of shipping that you can turn around and quote to
    your customer.  Our pricing is set and our rates are published to give you the security in knowing that
    what we quote you will be honored with excellent service, quality carriers and superb low rates!
2. You will have the most diverse flexibility offered in the LTL world!
    We have carriers that are available at any given moment to service your account.  Whether you have
    scheduled shipments, just-in-time deliveries, or special custom orders, we can help get them delivered
    with lightening speed service, real-time visibility, & amazing flexibility, making you look good to your
    customer.  Flexibility is a major key to our success!
3. Your shipment is given the quickest delivery time in the industry!
    Compared to traditional LTL, your shipment is delivered in rapid speed to your customer with no extra      costs involved.  Our same-day delivery at predictable flat-rate pricing gives you the leading edge to
    your customer.  With a fleet of drivers available to handle your shipment with quick, consistent service,
    you will continue to satisfy your customer, cementing loyalty to your business!
4. Your shipment has the least chance to be damaged or lost!
    Because your shipment will always be on one truck from pickup to delivery, the risk of damage to your
    shipment drops immensely, giving you the peace of mind that your customers product will arrive in one
    piece. While we strive for 100% success in the delivery of any shipment, statistics show that the more
    you handle something, the more chances of damage will occur.  With claims being a top headache 
    for any LTL customer moving freight, we have the highest positive claim ratio in the industry!  It's hard
    to lose a shipment when there is no transfer at a terminal.  Your product is safe with us!
5. You will be 100% satisfied or we won't be!
    We know there may be issues that will arise during a transaction of a shipment.  It is how we handle
    them that will make all the difference to you and your customer.  We place a high value on being a 
    leader in the industry. As Dr. Jonas Sauk once said: "The reward for work well done, is the opportunity
    to do more." To do that, we must  earn and maintain the trust and loyalty from you, our valued client!






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