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Become an Approved Carrier

Welcome to the Box Truck Network's Military Freight Division.  Our network has partnered with transportation providers to handle military loads for the Department of Defense.  This is a big opportunity for the right motor carrier who wants to advance their business in the stable market of government freight. 

Approved carriers must meet the following requirements:


  • Be a U.S. Citizen (NO Green Card Holders)

  • Carry Two Legal Forms of ID when entering any Base

  • Have no unpaid debts to the U.S. Government

  • Allow the military to inspect your vehicle at any time on base

  • Have a valid safety plan in place

  • No felonies, warrants, or misdemeanors on carrier's record.

  • Must operate safe and clean vehicles.

  • Must be professional at all times.

  • All legal firearms and weapons must be checked in and held at a local sheriff's office.

  • Must fulfill any committed load and always answer phone

  • Must have excellent communication (Not use any profanity at any time on base)

  • Pets and unapproved passengers must remain off base.  Pets are not allowed on any truck carrying military freight.

  • Not commit any illegal or wrongful acts during any of our loads

  • Pay for the any and all background checks performed by our Network. 


  • Have a criminal background check performed by our network.  Military Veterans who have valid and active military access card are exempt upon receipt of card by the Box Truck Network.

  • A Carrier Safety Plan on file.  If you don't have one, we can create one for $75.00.


Why is the background check required?

Whenever you go to any military base or installation, you will need to provide two (2) valid pieces of identification.  This includes your driver's license and either a Original Birth Certificate OR a Valid Passport.

According to DOD regulations, a TWIC Card or a TSA Clearance is not sufficient identification, even though several bases require a TWIC Card in order to enter the base.

The base's military police department will do the background check and may search your vehicle.  This may take up to an hour process so we always ask the drivers to treat the security check as similar to an airport check and allow plenty on time.

The bases require the driver to be U.S. Citizens and be able to speak and read English. While some bases may allow Green Card Holders, this is a very small percentage, which is why we don't accept driver with Green Cards into our military network.


The military also may detain and arrest any driver who has an open warrant and may also refuse anyone who has an open debt or judgment with the U.S. Government per regulations.

All information received by our network is secure and never shared.  We will NEVER share your information with anyone unless subpoenaed by the U.S. Government or any law enforcement agency.  You will be notified in writing of an subpoena that we receive regarding you, our member.

We also  require that the carrier have a safety plan in place and necessary documents in any truck that enters the base.  The DOD may perform a D.O.T. inspection on your vehicle at random and we require all trucks that haul loads for us to have the appropriate documentation.

Why is the background check required?

The  cost to perform a background check is included in the membership fee.  After the first three background checks, the cost is $50.00 per person.  THIS IS MANDATORY as the DOD makes the Box Truck Network responsible for any rejections at the base due to failing the background check.  This would then affect all the members involved.  Also, if a driver has outstanding warrants or THINKS he may have an outstanding warrant and shows up to the base, the driver may be turned away from the gate, AND, may be subject to arrest at the gate.  If the driver is  taken into custody, the carrier is responsible to recover the truck.  We CANNOT and WILL NOT allow this to occur while the truck is under the care of a load  that we have provided.

Why is the background check required?

Our service performance hinges on the safety and dependability of our  member carriers. The DOD has made it clear that any carrier that comes on a base can be subject to inspection.  TSP's or Transportation Service Providers (Carriers) MAY NOT stop anywhere on base (Store, Gas Station, or any other route or place) except at the assigned destination. We will need a copy of your safety plan and company policy on file.  This is required because we need to verify for the DOD that you are compliant. 

Which bases use Straight  Trucks & Sprinter Vans?

We are continuously  gathering information about bases that have freight for Straight Trucks and Sprinter Vans.  We have the ability to gather data that tells us if our drivers are competitive in securing loads.  We have access to a secured load board where we can see what loads are available and where they will go. We will then contact our members via SMS messages and use our Truck Posting Board to search available trucks.  Our active military carrier members are required to keep their trucks updated to receive available loads. Our relationships with the base involve you. The bases will gather information about you while you are on base and may provide feedback about your service.  This is why we only want the best! We are very excited about working with you and hope we can build a long-lasting relationship. Please continue on this page if you are interested in being part of this growing network!

Who is the SDDC?

If you have any questions about the SDDC, please visit their website for more information.  Their website address is  

When you sign up as a member, you become
part of our military freight provider.*
To sign up, please go to the registration page.

*Must be approved per the requirements listed above