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Military Freight
for Box Trucks

Become an Approved Carrier for the Department of Defense

Member Benefits

As a member of our network, you will receive 30% savings when onboard using our partner company, Military Freight Consultants, to become a Transportation Service Provider (TSP) 

MC Requirements

You must have a MC# Authority with at least 3 years of activity. There must be no breaks in the authority for the past 3 years.  (There is NO exception to this policy that is set by the DOD)

Clean Criminal Background

The DOD has a ZERO Felony Requirement. If you have any warrants or a large amount of warrants, they will also reject you as a TSP. They may except you if you have had any felonies expunged from your record.

Box Truck Freight

Have a box truck?  The DOD has box truck freight.  We will put you in direct contact as a carrier to haul freight from the bases and installations across the entire USA.  Become a TSP today and start moving freight.

US Citizenship Only

In order to haul for the military, you must be a US Citizen to access the system and the bases. The DOD does not allow anyone with a Green Card or Permanent Resident status. Dual citizens may apply for access

CSA Scores

The DOD verifies the status of a carrier to check the history of safety pertaining to the MC of the applying carrier.  The FMCSA review will determine approval based on CSA scores and OOS percentages

What Our Clients Say

Image by Lucas Sankey
Mark Curtis.jpg

Mark Curtis

I am an approved TSP through the network.  I was able to move freight for a base in Perris Island, one of the Box Truck Network's contact.  Getting approved as a TSP has been the best thing that has happened for my company.  I strongly recommend it.

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