ZipShare Revenue Share Opportunity

What is ZipShare?
ZipShare is a simple and creative way to extra revenue while increasing your bottom line. This repeat income program is unique in that it will give you exclusivity and unlimited profitability.  The beauty of this system is that while others are working hard to earn an income stream, you don't.  We help build your business income for you!
There are literally over 5700 zip codes with a population of at least 20,000 people in the USA.   Because of our high-in-demand network, there are literally thousands of income streams that will allow people to benefit from being part of the network.  All income received in  the Zip Code that you share with us will be paid to you in the form of a commission check with a 1099 sent you at the end of each calendar year.   Our extensive research study in the potential business building opportunity has lead to concrete evidence that there is likely going to be explosive growth in the small truck delivery market.  With the demand of business from Amazon, the LTL carriers, and other online ecommerce forecasting, small truck deliveries are estimated to grow over 500% within the next 12-24 months.  
The Box Truck Network has seen an 100% increase in website traffic each month for the last 8 months during the start of the COVID period which has lead to increase amount of individuals looking to enter into the expedited and small shipment freight market.  The time is ripe for growth that this market has never seen before.
Our ZipShare program is simple.  You can lease a zip code for reasonable monthly payment and in return, you will earn residual income from the all the Box Truck Network business generated in that zip code.  There is only one zip code allowed per person, so whether you lease zip code 30045 (Lawrenceville GA) which has 34000 residents, or 30043 (Lawrenceville GA) which has 80,000 residents, the potential is there for a lot of sales income.
When you lease a spot, you are guaranteed the following:
Large-scale marketing campaigns for new clients
Planned events to reach potential people who are getting their MC authorities
Customized reports that show the latest numbers of customers and sales in your zip code
Online and localized advertisements for services and shippers in that zip code
and many more benefits.....See below for more info.
Which are the Hottest Zip Codes?

Believe it or not, the hottest zip codes are in the Southeast, East Coast, Texas, and the Southwest.  While we cannot guarantee the results of how a zip code will do, we allow zip code holder to change to an available zip code any time they choose.  We price the lease of the zip codes accordingly so we our sales territories are priced fairly and accurately.  There are no contracts, but when you do lease a zip code, you are locked into it for the length of time you choose so you do not lose it to someone.

For some of the hottest zip codes available and for more information, please contact Quanah Harris at 309.566.9661 or Willona Young at 682.317.3181to discuss this.

Check the graph out below to see where our business is trending!
Report Taken on 9/23/20
Report Taken on 10/8/20

*Zip Code Population based on the official 2010 U.S Census Bureau.  Price locked in and will not change with the 2020 Census report.  Once cancelled, price will change to the official 2020 Census figure, if available at the time of cancellation

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