Earning Income One Load At A Time

ZipShare was created with a big idea:  to revolutionize the way people earn passive income.  Unlike a lot of concepts, our model is designed after something that is proven and happens every day.  That something is moving freight.

Every day, our network moves freight across the USA.  Loads are secured by freight brokers who then find trucks to haul them. These brokers contract with The Box Truck Network's Freight Forwarder division to move these loads.  Our network has over

5,000 trucks at its disposal which means that it can handle freight on a moment's notice!  Our customer base does around $10,000,000,000 (That's right, 10 BILLION!) of business each year.  This gives our network tremendous opportunity to grow!  With that opportunity in front of us, we began to expand our coverage capabilities.

Now, you may say: With all the customer freight available, why do you need me?  Here's the answer:

Because we are raising capital to grow the infrastructure of our network on a large scale, we believe the best way to do so without getting large loans and creating large debt, is to sell territory space to raise the necessary money.  By doing a growth share, we are committing to split the profit of all the freight we move in YOUR territory and allow you to reap the benefits for the lifetime of your subscription.  Our goal is to become one of the largest networks of freight carriers in the industry, offering this unique service and supported by one of the most robust fleets of carriers in the industry. And so ZipShare was born. 

Here is how the program works:


As a subscriber, you choose a zip code territory (based on availability of that zip code.) You then receive a percentage of all the freight that is controlled from that area. 

Here’s an example:
Steve physically works out of zip code 12345, which YOU have subscribed to.  Steve produces freight orders from all over the country.  You make a percentage of all the loads Steve moves because Steve works within the zip code you subscribe to. Because the vast majority of people like Steve work in an office or home, you can literally have 10 Steve's producing freight orders in your territory.  The income potential is limitless!

You are being paid a percentage (2%) of the gross freight bill. For example, if a zip code does $60,000 gross revenue, you would earn $1200 at a 2% gross revenue share. While each freight bill is different on each shipment, your share percentage never changes!

Having over 13,000  zip codes across the nation available in our program, and over 12,000 trucks both in our network and throughout the country, provides the largest buying power and makes us the fastest growing marketplace of Box Trucks & Sprinter Vans in the industry!  Join ZipShare today!




Building Revenue Together!

If you have any questions about the program, available Zip Codes, or how to get started,
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 The beauty of this system is that while others are working hard to earn an income stream, you don't.