The Freight
Business Builder

Looking to build a customer base of freight?  Using a load is like a drug addiction.  You can't stop using it because you have to constantly find loads for your carriers.  Sometimes you spend most of your day on the board only to be disappointed with the results. Most carriers want to get away from using load boards because it makes them tired out.  Would spending hours only getting cheap freight tire you out? After all, you possibly don't have anything else to do.  Well, with our BRAND NEW Business Builder Seminar, you will learn to transition to the new way of booking freight without using a LOAD BOARD! Having people calling you with freight is a better use of your time,  Our proven system builds your base of business without you even lifting a finger.  But, it doesn't stop there, we will even provide you with our contacts, giving a leading edge on growing  a book of business beyond your wildest imaginations! With over 25,000 contacts that can help you build your business, wouldn't you want to build your new book of business today?

Our method of business is the biggest hidden spot right in front of you. 99.9% of all the people we have talked to have used this system, to some extent, but not for finding freight.  We will grow your business like we would ours.

Customized Leads

The first step in the process of building to survey your company to see where you are as a provider and understand your needs.  We will review your services and customize what customers will work best for you based on your preferences and experience and grow your customer base, adding  new customers each month that will give you loads specifically to fill your capacity needs, By using this program, we can determine the best fit for your company.


No Commissions 

The benefit of using our service is that there is no commissions taken for any of the business connections we bring to your door.  With over 25,000 freight customers in our network, we have the ability to grow most anyone's business. Our diverse customer base consists of shippers of all types, shippers unimaginable, and shippers of tremendous potential.


Quality Guaranteed

Each shipper is that we connect with you is approved by our network. We look at the type of freight they move, their credit terms, where they ship how much they pay, and how much freight they move.  We review the history of the customer to see if they will be a good fit for your company.  


Monthly Subscription Fee

Your monthly subscription is $250 per month. A setup fee of $99.00 applies to get your profile and company review established so that customers will see you and connect. This include the initial setup, a one-on-one with you to determine the best way to grow your business, and building the profile of your company,  It also includes 400 customer connections. We build your business profile help prepare you with the growth of your company that is prepared to happened. After the first month, we will monitor your growth and add 200 connections per month.  We will work to grow your network of shippers!  Start seeing customers come your way!

If you don't use LinkedIn,
You Are missing Out


The majority of people we speak with say they have an account, but hardly use it, yet they will burn hours and energy looking for a single load on a load board. Does this sound like you?  If yes, call us. You will be very glad you did! Contact us for more information!

Our Guaranteed
Results To You!

We will provide you with 4800 Quality Broker and Shipper Connection Invites within 12 months of building your network with a net of 1000 customer contacts in your network or we will REFUND your money 100% GUARANTEED!  *See conditions

* Must have a free LinkedIn Account, complete a 12 month continuous subscription, allow us access at all times to build your account, and not delete any connections.