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Carrier Requirements

We welcome all carriers that qualify to be part of our network.  We are a national network of box truck owners who are always always looking for freight opportunities in all markets.  If you are interested in joining, please continue reading about our requirements.

What is Required

In this section, we will briefly cover what is required to be part of the network. This is not all inclusive.  We recommend you schedule a demo which will then include and Q&A session which covers the process.

Active Authority

All carriers must have a current motor carrier (MC) and DOT number which must have active Interstate authority.  We do not accept Intrastate authorities, unless by special request from the shipper/broker 

Active Insurance

All carriers must have active carrier insurance with coverages of no less than $1,000,000 auto liability and no less than $100,000 cargo insurance with no more than $1,000 cargo deductible unless otherwise allowed.

Good CSA Scores

All carriers must have acceptable CSA scores, a current safety plan as required by law (we can provide one if you don't have it), and 3rd party complaints against your active MC including service complaints

Clean Criminal Record

All drivers (including owner) must pass a current MVR and criminal background check, must be willing to provide information on any questions regarding issues on the report and  pay for the background check.

Ready to get started?  Check out our pricing!

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