Load Connect 

We offer a load dispatch service called Load Connect Dispatch.  This service works with carriers who need loads for their trucks.  Our main focus is Box Trucks and we will find freight specifically for your truck and your trucks location.  We don't charge any monthly fee and we only charge a flat transaction fee foe each load booked. 

Live Assistance Available

We provide you with live personal assistance in the instance where you need our help.  The assistance includes helping to ensure that each transaction goes smoothly. Each coordinator helps to ensure that you are supported in each aspect of the load process


Our Own Private Load Board

We have our own unique load board where available loads are posted and it allows you to find options that you may like for your truck(s).  You would work with you load coordinator to secure loads for your truck.  We also have a place where you can update your truck to get loads for more exposure.


Load Cost Calculator

We provide you with tools to help you decide whet's the best load for your business.  The Load Cost Calculator helps make each decision the right one by breaking down all the expenses against the income coming in from the load.  Used properly, this tool will help increase profitability for your company.


$25.00 Transaction Fee (No Commissions charged)

We charge a flat $25.00 transaction fee for each load you book thru our network.  We charge no commissions for each load booked and work just as hard to ensure that the service provided thru this network benefits our members, which would be you!

Our Promise
To  You

We will work hard to get you the work you

need for your business, each time, every time.